Workplace Conflict

Workplace Conflict

How to manage conflict in the workplace? First you need to understand the causes of conflict, and how it escalates.

Most conflict can be resolved very early on – if you’re a leader that is aware of your environment. If you’re switched on to the energy changes and being able to read the situation – you can easily avoid any type of workplace conflict getting out of control.


But let’s ask the question -“why do we even try to avoid conflict?”

It’s because we are afraid of what happens when it gets out of control. Most people are uncomfortable, and as such try to avoid any kind of confrontation. But what if we changed the way we viewed conflict?

And, what if you, as a manager understood how you contribute to the conflict?

Watch this 30 min training on all of the above, and learn more about why you should embrace it vs shy away from it.

Setting Boundaries – Alexia Hindle

Setting Boundaries – Alexia Hindle

During this quick 20 min session, Alexia takes us through what boundaries REALLY are, and how we use our own personal values to set them. 

She shares 4 steps to setting boundaries without the guilt!

Real Life – Julianne McKnight

Real Life – Julianne McKnight

Join us as Her Leadership Journey founder Emma Rhoades interviews Julianne McKnight – Head of Risk, Compliance and HR at AliGroup.

Julianne will share her story of how she got from role to role without having a piece of paper or formal qualification / certification and how imposter syndrome  showed itself many times on her journey.

Julianne has held the position of Head of Compliance & Risk for ALI Group, an insurance distribution business, since 2012.  A few years ago, the People function was added to her remit.

Julianne has more than 35 years experience in the finance industry, spanning credit assessment, sales, broker aggregation, relationship management and compliance/risk functions.  She is also a certified life coach.

During her career to date, Julianne has undertaken a span of roles including mobile lender, lending manager, conveyancer, credit assessor, business development (both credit and financial services), and state, national and executive management positions.  In the latter part of her career she found herself in senior risk and compliance positions, and more recently has added human resources responsibilities. 

Julianne is a strong believer in living in accordance with your values and fitting your own mask first.  She is looking forward to knowing what she wants to do when she grows up!

Julianne and her partner live in Brisbane, have 3 sons, a dog and a cat. 

This is one real life journey you are not going to want to miss!