Nikki Beaumont – Real Life Story

Nikki Beaumont – Real Life Story

In this real-life interview with the Founder and CEO of Beaumont people, Nikki Beaumont, we chat about how she has grown her organisation and her leadership focus.

With over 30 years in recruitment, Nikki Beaumont is passionate about Meaningful Work, and always putting people first. These values cascade down through her organisation and her senior leadership team leads by example.

She’s also an ideas woman, and is always looking for new ideas and constant improvement in all they do. This has led to her leading the charge on the 4 day work week, and being recognised at Australia’s 2nd Best place to work, in the Australian Financial Review.

Nikki is also a big believer in taking action and giving ideas a go. She talks about failure and how comfortable she is with it. 

Take some time to listen as Her Leadership Journey Founder Emma Rhoades chats with Nikki about this and more.