Expert Interview – “Neuro Optimisation” with Nicole Yeates

Expert Interview – “Neuro Optimisation” with Nicole Yeates

Nicole Yeates is a Neuro Change Practitioner and Brain Health Coach with 17 years’ of experience in occupational rehabilitation.

The impact of procrastination and low productivity in workplaces results in increased stress and low morale.  There are simple things we do every day which can help or hinder our progress toward excellence.  In addition to formal training in neuroscience, Nicole is a walking example of how the brain can change.  From a prognosis of ‘expect death or life in a vegetative state at the age of 16, she has achieved what many medical professionals never expected – a tertiary education, a best-selling book, and becoming a successful entrepreneur.  She is obsessed with helping people reach their highest potential and will share her tips on:

  • Strategies to optimise your brain, reduce fatigue and stress
  • Moving from procrastination to motivation
  • Aligning your purpose and goals

Take the time to watch this 30 min interview, as she talks about rewiring your brain for higher-level performance. Nicole also shared her Neuro Change program and her FREE Boost Your Brain Guide!

Nicole is a published author and you can get a copy of her book “Holding onto Hope” here.

You can get in touch with Nic through her LinkedIn profile here: