Expert Interview – “You’ve Got This” with Dr Margie Warrell

Expert Interview – “You’ve Got This” with Dr Margie Warrell

How often have you let fear hold you back from doing something you wanted to do? 

Have you ever looked back and wished you’d been braver? 

Most  of us have. From working with hundreds of women in our community, I have realised a few things.  New and emerging leaders have drive, have ambition, are educated, however we let fear stop us from speaking out, from being our best selves and we allow the negative voices to hold us back . 

In this interview with Dr Margie Warrell, Her Leadership Journey Founder, Emma Rhoades asks the questions like :

“We logically know what we need to do – how do we get braver?” and ” How do we stop the negative thoughts that roll around in our minds, that hold us back from achieving our goals?”

Take 30 mins and listen to this insightful interview, uncovering how to have more courage in life, leadership and work.