Leisa Bowness – Health and Wellness Expert

Leisa Bowness – Health and Wellness Expert

Leisa Bowness - Health and Wellness Expert

Hi, I’m Leisa. 

I believe every woman deserves to feel healthy, happy, safe, and included. My passion is to help women to feel their best and achieve their personal and professional goals. I understand how important the synergy of personal and professional intentions is for wellbeing with contemporary thinking of flexibility, inclusion and wellbeing in the workplace which has long said goodbye to ‘work/life balance.’  Now we have the freedom to think of our whole selves and the concept of whole being balance that contributes to our overall performance and purpose. 

I use my expertise as a skilled coach, speaker, mentor, facilitator, and networker to bring my practice to life. As a highly committed, strategic HR leader with 20+ years of leadership development, talent management, coaching and behavioural change success I recognise the unique struggles we as women face in our lives. I have worked with many women on their journeys, and, on my own wellbeing journey to help, support and guide towards achieving personal best, whatever that is for every individual. 

I have qualifications in Adult Education, Business, Positive Psychology, Coaching and Integrative Nutrition, and certified in the Myers Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) and Leadership Circle psychometric profiling. I am an accredited facilitator with Griffith University MATE Bystander Program – making a difference in DFV awareness and change in our workplaces and community. I bring all of this to life in my coaching, programs, and workshops. 

Contact: leisabowness@leisabowness.com.au

Current Offers: A mini-coaching session to help with practical mindfulness tips