Jessica Crow – HR Expert

Jessica Crow – HR Expert

Jessica Crow - HR Expert

Jessica is the brains and founder behind HR Inspired, with a background in Accounting and Finance and over a decade of HR experience, she can understand the challenges faced by businesses. Posing expertise across all essential facets of HR; she can support businesses develop and execute their people strategy. With a fundamental belief, that everyone deserves the opportunity to step into their own greatness.

Having worked in HR for over a decade, Jessica has recruited extensively, across a variety of industries. Having reviewed countless of applications and worked closely with hiring manager Jessica is able to provide clear guidance one how to get your application through the gates and boldly drive your career journey.

The purpose behind HR Inspired is ‘Make Others Great’; this could be making great teams, great leaders or individuals and even making great organisations. We believe that everyone has the right to work in a great workplace, one where they are set up to succeed and encouraged to be the best version of themselves. Our purpose shows up in our services, we ensure that organisations have the right frameworks, policies, procedures, and training needed to be great.


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