Liz Ellis – Leadership Coach

Liz Ellis – Leadership Coach

Liz Ellis - Leadership Coach

Liz is a coach, trainer and speaker with more than 27 years experience working across leading business sectors in Australia including state government, retail and fast moving consumer goods (FMCG) and consulting.

She is a glass half full kinda woman, a realist with a healthy dose of optimism and a no bullshit action taker. Liz has experienced the highs and lows of everything life has to offer and throw your way and stands by her motto: this too shall pass, remember the lesson and move on.

Drawn from her own experience and professional observations, her philosophy is that great leadership is based on a combination of professional knowledge, technical expertise and mastering the art of emotional intelligence. 

Her passion lies in coaching leaders at any stage of their career to empower themselves to lead authentically and with genuine self-confidence. Her evidence based approach to coaching her clients is deeply rooted in neuroscience and uses leading edge coaching techniques to support leaders sustain high, results driven performance while overcoming personal and/or professional challenges. 

Her mission is to provide leaders with the tools and practices to build self-trust, communicate with influence, make better decisions and feel good about how they show up and lead every day. 


Certifications and qualifications:

  • Certified Master Practitioner Neurolinguistic Programming (NLP)
  • Certified Master Practitioner Conscious Hypnosis
  • Certified High Performance Coach
  • Certified Level 2 Coach
  • DISC behavioural profiler

(over 20 years ago Liz studied a Bachelor of International Business majoring in Marketing and Communications)


Current Offers:


Sally Dillon –  HR and Leadership Development

Sally Dillon – HR and Leadership Development

Sally Dillon - HR and Leadership Development

Sally is a company director and not for profit board director. She has 20 years of human resources and leadership development/coaching experience in specialist business partnering roles, leadership and executive roles. She has a wide-ranging skillset of HR/People strategy, leadership coaching and training, team and operational management, business improvement/excellence through people, processes and systems and workplace culture development and transformation.

Sally specialises in working with leaders (both individually and leadership teams) and businesses owners to successfully lead their organisation, teams, & their own areas of specialty to achieve the highest results possible in today’s challenging and transitional business environment.

She was recent nominee for Women Beyond Forty Magazine’s Top 10 Women to Watch in 2022 and is an Amazon Best Selling Author.

Sally describes herself as a straight-shooting change maker, leading a people first revolution.


Current Offers:

Leadership Style Session – Cost $99.50 incl GST (normally this session is $199)
Leadership Style Quiz + 45 minute one-on-one session to unpack the results with HLJ members in detail.
You will have the chance to ask questions about the results of your leadership quiz. I will give you feedback, and tips for flexing your style and using your strengths to be better leaders.

2. Clarity Coaching Call – Cost $297 incl. GST (normally this session is $457)
90 minute one on one session that includes:
 The Leadership Style Quiz so we can understand your natural style, strengths and
areas for improvement.
 Let’s talk about YOU as a leader, what you want to do, where you want to be and
where you think you need help.
 Bring your biggest leadership issue and get one on one coaching on resolving it.
You will walk away with:
 More confidence and clarity on your own leadership journey.
 A solution to your biggest current leadership challenge
 A tangible and practical Action Plan on how you can improve your leadership skills.
 Tools and resources for further self-learning in line with your Action Plan which may
include online learning options (videos, posts, information), articles, book etc.
 Access to an optional discounted follow up 45 minute one on one session for $99.50
in 3 – 6 months to see how you are progressing and keep you on the path.


Michelle McFadyen – Strengths, Conflict , Mental Health First Aid

Michelle McFadyen – Strengths, Conflict , Mental Health First Aid

Michelle McFadyen - Strengths Profiling and Coach

As the first woman CEO of three local councils in Queensland, including a stint in a remote indigenous community, Michelle knows what it means to be that which you cannot see, and because of this, has a passion to support women as they progress into leadership and decision-making roles, in all sectors and industries.

Michelle has mentored many front line and aspiring women leaders and supported them in their progression into more senior roles – she knows what it takes, and she knows what it’s like when you get there.

Michelle brings to life her extensive experience, skills and wisdom through a portfolio of services which support workplaces and individuals in the areas of workplace wellbeing, mental health training, local government strategy and operations, training and workshops, and personal and professional development and growth.  Michelle is also an energising and impactful public speaker.

Michelle has qualifications in Business, is a qualified Counsellor, Positive Psychology practitioner, trained Conflict Coach and qualified Mediator.  Michelle is also an accredited Strengths Profiler and Work on Wellbeing Practitioner.


Contact: If you want to talk to Michelle about her services, for you or your organisation – contact her or see her website at 

Her Leadership Journey Special offer:  For Her Leadership Journey members, Michelle is offering strengths profiling sessions at a reduced rate of $350 per session – see her website for more details on this session and contact her to take up this offer.


Jessica Crow – HR Expert

Jessica Crow – HR Expert

Jessica Crow - HR Expert

Jessica is the brains and founder behind HR Inspired, with a background in Accounting and Finance and over a decade of HR experience, she can understand the challenges faced by businesses. Posing expertise across all essential facets of HR; she can support businesses develop and execute their people strategy. With a fundamental belief, that everyone deserves the opportunity to step into their own greatness.

Having worked in HR for over a decade, Jessica has recruited extensively, across a variety of industries. Having reviewed countless of applications and worked closely with hiring manager Jessica is able to provide clear guidance one how to get your application through the gates and boldly drive your career journey.

The purpose behind HR Inspired is ‘Make Others Great’; this could be making great teams, great leaders or individuals and even making great organisations. We believe that everyone has the right to work in a great workplace, one where they are set up to succeed and encouraged to be the best version of themselves. Our purpose shows up in our services, we ensure that organisations have the right frameworks, policies, procedures, and training needed to be great.


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Leanne Gordon – Change Management Expert

Leanne Gordon – Change Management Expert

Leanne Gordon - Change Management Expert

Leanne Gordon is a change facilitator and coach who guides individuals and teams in making change happen in their work and lives, through writing, speaking, coaching and workshops.

With qualifications and a background in organisation development and human resources, Leanne has over 25 years experience working with people and teams as they navigate change. Leanne has worked with small, medium and large organisations, and individual leaders and professionals. She has experience in senior corporate roles, consulting and as a Director on not-for-profit and industry boards and committees.

Leanne currently leads the consulting practice, Changing Futures, helping people and businesses to:
– embed change into the way they work and live;
– introduce new thinking and ideas;
– create meaningful workplace cultures; and
– make work, and workplaces, more human

In 2018, Leanne completed Seth Godin’s altMBA and has since had global coaching roles in various Akimbo workshops.
Leanne is the author of Change Seekers: Making a difference and co-author of The Book of Java: Together we write


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