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  • I’ve recently discovered LitVideobooks – mini movies of business and career books! For those who don’t like or have time to read, stream them instead! With professional videography, they are engaging and you get the key messages from the book.

    Take a look – I have an affiliate code that gives you a 20% discount here ( and put some $ back into…Read More

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  • What is your focus this week? What are some of the little 1% ideas that you’ve learned over time but haven’t really been able to focus on?

    If you’re not sure – I suggest you find at least 3 people to give specific, positive feedback. Tell them what you appreciate about them, and why it’s such a big deal.

    Watch how that relationship…Read More

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  • Great News! We’ve finally been able to incorporate a Jobs Board! As I’ve stepped into the world of recruitment, I have been able to combine this with Her Leadership Journey!

    So, I have uploaded some of our management roles across the country, from all of my team in Beaumont People. And, you also have the opportunity to upload your own jobs!…Read More

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  • Today’s live session with @leisabowness has been pre-recorded due to unforeseen circumstances. Those of you who had scheduled time out in your calendar to join live – great news! Leisa has recorded a video and sent it through, and we’ve uploaded it to the Leadership Library – ready for you to watch today.

    How often do you find yourself on…Read More

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  • What’s happening this weekend for you? Rest time? Are you on holidays with the kids? Catching up on any work?

    I’ll be tweaking a few things with the site, it’s my son’s 19th birthday today, and I’ll also try and chase the sun around the yard with a book!

    Share what’s happening for you?

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  • It was a busy day for new members yesterday! Hello and welcome to Her Leadership Journey!

    Kelly – @zirithium
    Claire – @claire
    Tania – @tanjo
    Kylie – @km
    Kate- @katetsang
    Susan – @susanw
    Kerrie – @williakk
    Kyam – @kyamlouise

    Thank you for being here with us! Can you tell us a bit about you and what you’d love to learn more of…Read More

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  • Hello and welcome to our newest members!!
    Kim – @heggenk01
    Karla- @aquila30
    Felicia – @felice26
    Krista- @kristaschade

    It’s fabulous to have you with us – share a bit about yourself here!!

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  • Who is coming along to our next Mastermind Event? Scheduled for the 2nd Thursday of every month, at 12:00pm AEST. Take a look and register for all upcoming events here:

    Mastermind Sessions

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Passionate about creating authentic and courageous leaders, Emma is an award-winning entrepreneur, founder of Her Leadership Journey and Creator of the Inspired Leaders Academy.

Emma’s ability to help women in the workplace to transform from invisible and unheard, into an influential and inspirational leader has resulted in many women stepping into their true, authentic leadership and moving up their career ladder.

She brings a unique combination of formal study and her own less than desirable experiences in the workplace to inspire leaders to own their ambitions, to increase their visibility and leave a lasting impact on those they serve.

She’s curious, asks loads of questions (and expects an answer most of the time 😊) and will push you to believe in yourself like you’ve never done before.

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