Lifting the energy of your team:

As a leader of a team, I quite often talk about how it’s your job to create a motivational environment for people, rather than focusing on motivating someone. Motivation comes from within, so if you can focus on creating an amazing environment, this will help people to be motivated to come to work.

And whilst we can look around at the physical environment, we also need to look at the energy that is brought into it.

Here are 5 ways you can lift the energy levels in your team:
1. Have a compelling vision. This hits on the purpose of work, which is an intrinsic motivator. People are energised by a compelling vision and the possibilities it offers.
2. Create meaningful contribution. Energy is produced when people enter conversations or contribute to solving problems.
3. Create engagement with others. Energy in conversations increases as people contribute meaningfully and at the same time learn from others, similarly engaged. ( hint.. this is what I am trying to create in here!!)
4. Make progress. Achievement creates it’s own energy in propelling teams towards a goal. Celebrate often ( Celebration evening is on tomorrow – you coming??? )
5. Hope. Hope allows people to become energised when they begin to believe that the objective is worthy and can be obtained. Share success stories.
Would any of these tips help you to increase the energy in your team?
What have you already been doing that works well?
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