What is a Challenge? And How does it work?

Our Challenges have been designed to take one very specific leadership or management topic, teach it to you, and then spend dedicated time implementing it, all in a monthly period. 

Let’s take an example of a Feedback Challenge. 

During the first phase of the challenge, we will teach you how to give clear, specific feedback and share some frameworks on how to structure your conversations. 

Phase 2 will be set challenges like “Give every person in your team, specific positive feedback, following this framework”

Phase 3 is reflection and learning. How did you go? What did you learn? What did you do well? How will you continue to use this skill in your everyday leadership role?


The idea is to close the knowing-doing gap. We may have learnt this months or years ago, but haven’t had the opportunity to practice it. And, we know, practice is how we learn. So, our challenges are made for you to practice. 

They will last a month in duration, and you’ll join a private, specific group of others who are going through that challenge, so you can ask questions, share wins and failures and get help to implement your skill. 

Methods of delivery are online meetings, downloadables, and a private messaging group. 

Current challenge topics include Feedback, Delegation, Setting expectations, and communication. If you have a topic, please reach out and suggest it to us!

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