Dare to Lead with Sally Dillon

Dare to Lead with Sally Dillon

Brene uses the BRAVING acronym as one of her Courage Skills Sets. The underlying message in BRAVING is trust, whether it’s not fully trusting yourself or others.

BRAVING stands for: Boundaries, Reliability, Accountability, the Vault, Integrity, Non-judgment, and Generosity.

In this webinar, Sally will help us understand the BRAVING Trust Inventory, developed by Brene Brown as it talks about how to build trust both with yourself and with others.

Have a watch to this 30 minute webinar and download the workbook below to have some self reflection through the quizzes inside.

Thought about a side gig?

Thought about a side gig?

Have you ever thought about a side gig? Maybe one day leaving your corporate job behind and doing something for yourself? Something you can do wherever and whenever you want? Knowing that when you go to work, you do so for YOU, and not for some corporation? Maybe an opportunity to work from anywhere?

I know some of you have expressed these ideas to me over the years, and I’m honoured to be introducing one of my business inspirations to you all – Shandra Moran from The Transit Lounge.  Shandra is a woman I look up to, having been through her corporate career, ending in being diagnosed with severe adrenal fatigue and being forced to change the way she operates.

She now spends her days helping women manage the transition from the corporate job to being their own boss and she has created Australia’s first ever Side Gig Mentoring Month – Side Gig September.

In this 30 min interview, Shandra shares her story of how she ended up where she was (and the signs to look out for), the 5 stages of transition so you can identify where you might be at, and what she will be covering throughout the month of September.

Find out what stage of transit you are in, therefore identifying the exact tasks you need to focus your time on, and uncover the top 4 mistakes that most women make when transitioning to their own business.

Join the Q&A workshops, the private Facebook group and get all the support you can handle – all entirely free! Join now: https://thetransitlounge.com/side-gig-september


Find Your Career Motivators

Find Your Career Motivators

In this 30 min training from Caron Yep, we uncover what motivates and fulfils us at work. Why is this important? Well if you’re anything like the other women who have come to me wondering when the right time to leave their job is, then this is a session for you!

It’s also going to help you to uncover what motivates your team, and you can use these exercises and questions to guide them through their engagement. When we know what motivates us – we can do more of it. 

Download the workbook and make sure you take the time to do the activities! ( To the right under downloads) 

And if you get stuck and need some help, Caron has offered some free time for you to go through it with her – just book it in here:  https://app.paperbell.com/checkout/packages/14861