About Us

We Believe…

  • In a world where people love going to work where they feel valued, heard and go home fulfilled.
  • Everyone has the ability to impact and lead change
  • The power of a community can change the world

Our Leaders Are…

  • Inspirational women destined to make a difference.
  • Caring human beings
  • Committed to lifelong learning and growing
  • Dedicated to challenging the status quo
  • Courageous and influential, choosing to feel the fear and do it anyway

How we live our lives…

  • Always inspire – share your story, share ideas, and show others how they CAN be their best. 
  • Celebrate – people, actions, events. Especially the little things.
  • Innovate – challenge the status quo and look for new boxes to change our thinking
  • Be curious– always ask questions, never assume, be willing to peek out over the nest and see what’s happening around us
  • Community – life is not meant to be lived alone, no gal gets left behind. Surround yourself with others who will support you, and be the supporter for them
  • Believe – Always believe it CAN be done, and YOU are the right person to do it. Believe in each other always. There are enough doubters in the world – be the one who believes in others.
  • Courage – Feel the fear and do it anyway. Push against your comfort zone and always be growing. Use your courage to speak your values, your wisdom and to be the change you want to see.
  • Implementation – always be taking action. Don’t try to be perfect, try to be better than yesterday

Our Team

We’re a small start-up team here at Her Leadership Journey.

Emma Rhoades

Emma Rhoades


Passionate about creating authentic and courageous leaders, Emma is an award-winning entrepreneur, Founder of Her Leadership Journey.

Emma’s ability to help women in the workplace to transform from invisible and unheard, into an influential and inspirational leader has resulted in many women stepping into their true, authentic leadership and moving up their career ladder.

She brings a unique combination of formal study and her own less than desirable experiences in the workplace to inspire leaders to own their ambitions, to increase their visibility and leave a lasting impact on those they serve.

She’s curious, asks loads of questions (and expects an answer most of the time 😊) and will push you to believe in yourself like you’ve never done before.

Deanne Ramirez

Deanne Ramirez


Deanne is the administrator of Her Leadership Journey and works remotely from the Philippines.


A Bachelor of Food Technology graduate, and has taught in a university, but has found the digital nomad lifestyle more fitting to her.


She loves to listen and give advice (through experience), is a sports enthusiast, and is also a bookworm who loves cats.

Our Resident Expert Advisors

Alexia Hindle

Alexia Hindle

Burnout Specialist

Alexia is a life Coach, Transformologist, Speaker and Women’s Emotional Burnout Specialist. 

She helps high-achieving female professionals who are buried under the pressure and expectation of trying to do it all and be everything for everyone and feeling emotionally burnt out as a result.

Leanne Gordon

Leanne Gordon

Change Management Specialist


I’m a change facilitator and coach who guides individuals and teams in making change happen in their work and lives, through writing, speaking, coaching and workshops.

With qualifications and a background in organisation development and human resources, I have over 25 years experience working with people and teams as they navigate change. I’ve worked with small, medium and large organisations, and individual leaders and professionals.

Leisa Bowness

Leisa Bowness

Health & Wellness

I believe every woman deserves to feel healthy, happy, safe, and included. My passion is to help women to feel their best and achieve their personal and professional goals. I understand how important the synergy of personal and professional intentions is for wellbeing with contemporary thinking of flexibility, inclusion and wellbeing in the workplace which has long said goodbye to ‘work/life balance.’  

Michelle McFadyen

Michelle McFadyen

Strengths, Conflict, Mental Health


Michelle offers individual and workplace support through strengths profiling and strengths coaching programs, individual conflict coaching, workplace
wellbeing programs, mental health first aid training and mediation.

As the first woman CEO of three local councils in Queensland, including a stint in a remote indigenous community, Michelle knows what it means to be that which you cannot see, and because of this, has a passion to support women as they progress into leadership and decision-making roles, in all sectors and industries.

Caron Yep

Caron Yep

Career Specialist

With over 20 years of academic education, training and personal experience, I support women wherever they are in their career and leadership journey – whether they are feeling stuck, confused, uninspired or on a mission to fast track their success.

Jessica Crow

Jessica Crow

HR Expert

Jessica is the brains and founder behind HR Inspired, with a background in Accounting and Finance and over a decade of HR experience, she can understand the challenges faced by businesses. Posing expertise across all essential facets of HR; she can support businesses develop and execute their people strategy. With a fundamental belief, that everyone deserves the opportunity to step into their own greatness.

Having worked in HR for over a decade, Jessica has recruited extensively, across a variety of industries. Having reviewed countless of applications and worked closely with hiring manager Jessica is able to provide clear guidance one how to get your application through the gates and boldly drive your career journey.

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If you believe in the power of Female Leadership and want to help us solve the problems of low numbers of women in leadership, and the traditional outdated leadership development training methods, then please get in touch to see how we might be able to work together!

If you’re an organisation looking to sponsor guest speakers, or a leadership expert wanting to join our team of resident advisors, or an investor wanting to support us, then we want to hear from you!  Email Emma directly on emma@herleadershipjourney.com

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